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First night of wear

It is recommended that you insert your GOV Orthokeratology lenses just before going to sleep. To improve the lens comfort, a drop of preservative free artificial tears can be placed on the lens before insertion.

When the Orthokeratology lens is on the eye ensure that it is comfortable and that your vision is clear. If the lens is uncomfortable it may be due to a foreign body captured under the lens on insertion. The lens should be removed, rinsed with saline and re-inserted.

You should not experience any discomfort from the lens while you are sleeping.

When you awake in the morning, insert one drop of preservative free artificial tear solution into the eye to increase moisture and assist in the lens movement on the eye. If the lens still appears too tight it may be necessary to manually loosen the lens. Once the lens is moving freely you can remove it.

Upon removal of the Orthokeratology lens you should notice a remarkable improvement in your unaided vision. This improved vision will last most of the day.