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Follow up care

Follow up appointments are vital to the monitoring and success of your new Ortho-k procedure.

The first follow up appointment will be scheduled for the day after your first night of wear. The other follow up appointments will be determined by your Ortho-k practitioner based on your response to the first night of Orthokeratology therapy and the severity of your vision correction.

The accelerated Ortho-k follow up exam usually includes the following:

Corneal topography
Visual acuity
The objective and subjective refraction determining your new vision correction
Biomicroscopy to evaluate the health of the eye after lens wear.
A fluorescein evaluation of the lens fit on the eye
These tests will provide the Orthokeratology practitioner with the necessary information to determine if the procedure is working correctly. The result of all this should ensure that you have clear comfortable vision for all waking hours of the day.