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Corneal Topography

The corneal shape of each person is unique. Even the shape of a person’s right and left corneas are different. Since no two corneas are exactly alike it is vital to have accurate corneal topographical information to design the Orthokeratology lens.


For this purpose a corneal topographer is used, as seen above, which accurately analyses the curvature and elevations of your cornea. During corneal mapping the specialised computer software analyses thousands of points on the surface of your cornea and displays these points in various colour patterns on a computer monitor.

With proper analyses of the topography coloured maps the Orthokeratology practitioner can study the precise shape of your cornea and use this information to:

Rule out any unusual abnormalities in the corneal shape that could compromise the treatment.
Design and custom fit the specific Orthokeratology lens required for your treatment.
Monitor the corneal changes created while undergoing the treatment
Corneal topography is generally performed with each orthokeratology appointment to determine the progress of the orthokeratology treatment.