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Trial fitting

The trial fitting examination is essential to your Orthokeratology success. This is the session where the empirical data gathered with your eye examination is validated with the physical fitting of the Orthokeratology lenses.

During the trial fitting session the GOV Orthokeratology contact lenses will be placed on your eyes by your Orthokeratology practitioner. Depending on the Ortho-K system being used these lenses can come from an inventory set or can be custom manufactured based on the imperial data gathered during the eye examination.

With the Orthokeratology lenses on your eyes you will be asked to sit or lie down with your eyes closed for a period of 10 to 20 minutes. Initially when your eyes are open and blinking you will have a slight awareness of the lens on the eye as the eyelids move over the edge of lens. Your eyes may also tear in response. With your eyes closed the lens will cause no sensation on the eye.

The next the stage of the evaluation is the fit of your accelerated Orthokeratology contact lenses. A small amount of flourescein dye is placed on your eye. Using cobalt blue light from a Burton lamp or Biomicroscope to excite the flourescein, the Ortho-K practitioner can evaluate the lens fit details, movement and centration. This allows the practitioner to note if the fit is correct or if minor modifications to the Orthokeratology lens design may be necessary.

The Ortho-k practitioner will then evaluate the quality of your vision with the lenses on the eye. The beauty of Orthokeratology is that your vision will remain normal with the lens on the eye and off the eye.

Finally the Orthokeratology lens wearing schedule will be discussed with you. To ensure the best possible result it is essential that the wearing schedule be followed closely. Your exact wearing schedule depends on the severity of your prescription and your lens-wearing success.

As a rule during the first week of wear it will be beneficial to aim for about 6 to 8 hours of unbroken sleep with the Orthokeratology lenses. Thereafter 4 to 6 hours of unbroken sleep per day is required to maintain the Orthokeratology effect.